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Hi digitechan,

I’m getting more and more frustrated with my LP16: after the first error occurred (song file interruption), which had been cured by the last update, I had similar problems with the folders / subfolders as described by J., making it impossible to play / visualize the songs or playlists on the LP16 from the external USB drive- and even the “Export” button is not functioning properly at all times.

Even after re-setting the USB device as well as saving the Project Files in my local machine as suggested by you in your message, I still have problems with transferring the edited Playlist including the Multitrack Songs to the USB device: the “Export” button is deactivated, therefore, I had to transfer the Playlist / Multitrack Song files to a local directory/folder first and then copy-paste from the directory/folder to the external USB device-
and there it is: finally, the songs are displayed on the LP16 as it should have been right from the beginning.

It seems the “Export” button, which should be transferring all files directly from the uTool / local folder to the USB device, is not functioning properly.

By the way, I really appreciate this forum and the support provided by the Cymatic team, but, frankly speaking, spending many hours trying to solve problems/bugs without any special programming skills is not really a delightful experience. Please try to keep it as simple as possible…

Thanks, Ruben