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Ruud van Steenis

My mistake! The USB stick was 16 GB (NOT 16 MB, I don’t think 16 MB memorysticks are even produced…)
But I will try to put the firmware file on the HD and see what happens.

UPDATE1: tried to update from an external HD, placed the BCD file in the root directory but still no update!
The uTrack24 says: Mounting drive -> Optimizing for read/write -> No songs (drive is empty) ->Start pre recording
I will try the network update now.

UPDATE2: I managed to update the firmware through a network connection. Firmware revision is now 3474.
Unfortunately the problem of recording after deleting one or more multitrack files is still there.
I recorded two ‘takes’, removed them and started to record again.
Although take 1 and 2 were now ‘gone’, the uTrack24 started to record ‘take 3’ and locked immediately after this.
No response to any button anymore.
After resetting the uTrack24 (removed power for a couple of seconds and reconnected again) everything worked fine again.
Also the new recording now was ‘take 1’. So this may still take some attention.
Many thanks in advance!