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Hi J,

The concept is as follows:
1. The original tracks(mono wave files) are expected to be somewhere on your local drive; lets say c:/Music/MyMonoFiles/
In the Settings tab, you should choose your Audio library path as c:/Music/MyMonoFiles/
uTool will never modify the original songs. If the mono files are spread across many folders, you can always choose the right folder before making a new song.

2. The project files are also expected to be stored on your local drive. Lets say c:/Music/uToolProjects/
Every time you make a new multi-track song, only a small project file .prj is created. The project file is only used by uTool; with which it knows where the individual mono files are coming from within a multi-track song. The actual song does not exist anywhere unless the song is exported. When the song is exported, the uTool with the help of the .prj file knows where to pick the individual mono wave files for that song. Only the song content is exported and not the project file itself (since the LP-16 does not need to know where the mono files come from)
Similarly when a playlist is created, it uses the song project files to create a playlist project file. The playlist does not exist anywhere unless it is exported.

3. Once you prepare all your Songs and Playlists on your local machine, you are ready to export it to an external drive to play on the LP-16. Format your drive, connect it to your PC and just use Export tab to export all the content. All the multi-track folders will be placed in the “Recording” folder and all the “stereo” files in the stereo folder. The respective playlists will be stored in the #PLAYLIST folder.

The problem I see is that probably your project file location is in an external drive. Since the exporting creates other folders, the project files are messed up. Could you try the above method and let us know if it solves your problem.