Tom Sailor

It doesn’t have a proprietary footswitch…from the manual:

Foot Switch settings
The LP-16 can use a standard ¼” equipped footswitch to perform various functions. The foot
switch settings screen allows you to adjust what specific actions occur when you press the
attached foot switch.
Type: Adjust the “type” setting to tell the LP-16 if you are using a “normally open” or “normally
closed” type footswitch. Consult your footswitch’s documentation to determine which type you
Function: Adjust this setting to configure what specific function the footswitch will perform, when
it is pressed
• Play: Pressing the footswitch mimics the top panel “play” button.
• Play and Pause: Pressing the footswitch will begin playback. A second press of the
footswitch will pause playback, and a third press will un-pause the playback.