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Phil Boorman

I have spent most of the day trying to fix this.

TAKE0005 was made up of 21 individual WAV files, but only 9 out of these 21 files were actually valid, the rest were corrupt.

When trying to import TAKE0005 into uTool2, the corrupt files were preventing the process from completing.

I then created individual take folders for each of the 21 files, and tried to import them into uTool2 one at a time, which worked for the 9 good files.

I have tried several audio utilities to try and open and edit the header information for the corrupt files, but to no avail.

I am beginning to think that the problem was nothing to do with me forgetting to stop the recording, as the corrupt files were not logically arranged. The good files were 5-02, 5-07, 5-09, 5-10, 5-11, 5-16, 5-17 and 5-19.

Other than the first and the last two files, all of the corrupt files are the same length as the good files, so I am hopeful that the data would still be available if only the header information could be corrected.

Can I send these files to you for further investigation, or is there a tool that you could recommend?