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I appear to have the same problem concerning the rediculously unusable headphone out.
My current setup is klark teknik preamps feeding an Alesis HD24. And today the utrack24.
Today was the first time using my utrack24. I usually monitor on the Klarks and can hardly raise the volume on it’s headphone outs coz it’s loud. Today I had an Orchestra recording, I was excited that I would be able to make a quick listening mix on my smartphone. I was very disappointed that I could hear almost nothing even with channel volumes and headphone out maxed out. I also thought my device had a defect until I read this post. I am from overseas and returning the unit is not preferable. Please look into this, this machine seems promising.
I still haven’t heard the recording so I cannot comment on the noise issue. Good thing i still run the alesis as a backup unit.