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Hi John,

thanks for your comment!

today there a only very few studio headphones with 16 Ohm, I don’t find a single one with 8 Ohm if I check online stores.
Most of them are 80-600 Ohm. Even with my 600 Ohm headphones I get enough level on all my studio and live gear.
I am quite sure that a 16 Ohm headphone would not give me sufficient volume either, especially as this unit
is supposed to be used in live recording situations. With my 80 Ohm headphones I can hardly hear myself, when talking in a well leveled microphone (hits 0 db when soloed), which is sent to the mix out. Although internal volume and output knob are 100%.

And still I have some hiss and hum on the rear main out, although I use symmetrical connections to my speakers.

I would really appriciate, if someone at Cymatic could plug in some headphones with at least 80 Ohm and tell me whether they get suffient level for live recording situations. I am still wondering whether my unit is faulty…

If I send my unit back to the seller and they tell me everything is fine, they charge me for checking the recorder…

So please…

Thank you!