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Marc Trainor

You’re absolutely right. I first started out doing that and it worked well. What I did with that was just what you said, using the two 8 channel DB25 outs on the Onyx and running them straight into the Utrack. Then I would run the firewire out of the Onyx into one of my laptops and record in to Cubase 8.5. That way, I could have a backup, by using the Cubase and the recording onto the Utrack. It all worked pretty well, but I later decided to buy separate 8 channel interfaces, 3 of them and I bought an ADAT card for one of my Utracks and now I just run tracks into the Utrack and I could either hook up a computer along with all that through a device I have called an RME digiface or I can use my 2nd Utrack as a backup to the 1st Utrack. It’s just less stuff to carry to the club and less wires to hook up. Marc.