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Marc Trainor

Question:[i]We are talking about recording live gigs right?
If yes, how do you get mic signals into each 8 channel interface? Do you use some sort of XLR snake “splitter” So your interfaces and the FOH mixer both get the signal, or do you tap into the FOH mixer? If the latter, what’s the use of adding one layer of 3 interfaces instead of tapping a couple of snakes from the FOH Insert points with a modified TRS snake?
Answer:I haven’t done too much recording yet, but what I have done and plan to do next weekend, is I do use a mike splitter. I have an ART 8 channel mike splitter, that is very clean and I just split the mikes going into the PA on stage, since the band doesn’t have a sound man, and then I give the direct split to the Pa and I take the Isolated split and run it into a snake and run the snake back to my recorder and interfaces. That way, I have my own feed from each individual vocal mike and they have theirs for their own personal volume adjustment. Of course I also mike each instrument or us a DI on the base in order to capture everything. Marc.