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Marc Trainor

[b][i]phatstadt replied the topic: Insert / Direct Out from Mixer: TRS Wiring

Question: Wow, you use a uTrack as a backup to a direct recording into Cubase, then a second uTrack as a backup to the first? Sounds extremely secure, I’m impressed.[/i][/b]

Answer:Well, not quite that much. So far, I’ve either used the Cubase as my main recording and the Utrack as a backup, but since I started having some trouble with my computer and even the Cubase program stopping on me a few times, I just decided to use the Utrack to be my main recording, and use the 2nd utrack as my backup. I’d almost rather use the Cubase setup, if it was more stable, because I have more control of my volume and plus if I wanted to add any eq or anything else, I could with the Cubase, but I’m figuring I can just add that stuff in post production when I or my friend is mixing it. I may have a partner on this stuff. My friend is a very good engineer and has agreed to help me on some of these recording, especially in the mixing. He has very good ears and a lot more experience than I in mixing and recording.