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philippe hatstadt

Thank you.
The Hosa adaptors are $9 each, so would be more expensive that the entire 8 track DB25-TRS snake I bought. i don’t mind soldering and i don’t like adaptors, thence my wiring question.
My issue is that the mixer I have to use for live gigs only has 8 Direct Outs (for which TRS untouched would work) but for inputs 9-16, the mixer only has Inserts. I think the solution to connect Tip to Ring on a TRS would work for both, and all I lose is the balanced cable on the Direct Outs, that would become unbalanced, but I don’t care. I want my modded snake to work equally with Direct Outs and Inserts.
So my question was indeed to make sure that the mod would work for both type of tapping points on the mixer.