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Marc Trainor

Yea, I think I get you on this. Man, those darn adaptor cords really went up. I think I paid about 4 bucks apiece when I bought them, but yea, you could, I guess just plug the jacks for the insert outs, plug em in half way, and hope no one messes with them, or do your own soldering tip to ring on the 8 cords going from the inserts. I hope I’m saying that right. Couldn’t you just leave the direct out plugs TRS and only solder the 8 other ones to the tip ring connection? Anyway, it sounds like you know what your doing and I don’t blame you for not wanting to pay 9 bucks a piece for those darn adaptor cords from Hosa. Good luck with it all. Marc.
P.s. Since your only running a short snake, you shouldn’t have any problem using unbalanced cables, I would think.