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philippe hatstadt

I sort of know what I’m doing and I just did the soldering, but I want a solution that works for all mixers, and I don’t want to have two different snakes with different soldering depending whether I’ll be plugging into an insert or a direct out.. So my two unanswered questions are (a) does shorting the tip and ring work both for a direct out as well as an insert and (b) why did the Cymatic tech mention in an older post that you need to insert a 200 ohm resistor between the ring and the tip. I doubt the Hosa adaptors do the latter and no literature on this topic mentions it. If it is specific to the uTrack24, then it would be really great if the customer support tech would answer my questions on this forum or on the direct form I filled out. This seems like a very small company that doesn’t have adequate support staff to answer client questions on a timely basis from what I see so far. I suppose that was a given going in since not a mainstream brand. I guess I’ll wait to hear back as I doubt I can damage the unit.
The other issue I have, which may be a deal breaker, is that the signal from my Tascam digital mixer is way too hot for the utrack24 but it is completely reasonable on my mixer and in Logic. So far i do not see any way to adjust the gain coming into the unit.