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Marc Trainor

Have you tried the cables out that you just soldered with your direct outs as well as the inserts? I’m the guy who has the Hosa insert converter cables, but I don’t remember if they have the 200 ohm resister in them or not. I really don’t think they do, but as you say, they’re pretty steep priced to be buying say 8 of them or so.

As far as the distortion where you probably need to put a pad somewhere in line between your Tascam outs and your Utrack in’s. I think you can buy separate pad adaptors you could use for each cord, but again, it sounds like a lot of hassle and money. I’m really surprised your having such a hot signal from the Tascam. I have the 1640i Mackey Onyx and if anything, the signal is just barely hot enough. When I’m using my direct outs on the onyx, there’s enough volume for the Utrack but it seems like I have to turn it up pretty high. Seems there has to be a solution here somewhere. Marc.