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philippe hatstadt

Good timing as I just got back from the band rehearsal room. I didn’t even use the Direct Out and tapped straight into the Insert points. The modified TRS snake worked perfectly without breaking the main signal chain when fully inserted without any resistors between the tip and the ring. I ordered a second snake to go to 16 inputs and will solder the second one this week end. As far as levels, it is fine. I was able to connect the uTrack24 wirelessly (no WiFi required, only a simple Netgear router) to my iPad so I can see the levels on the great VU meter display via uRemote app and control the REC button. Very stable and ridiculously convenient, as I put my uTrack24 in a small rack that I intend to leave near our sound guy’s mixer during live gigs. He won’t have to do anything and I don’t care where he sets hisnfaders as i’ll Be tapping pre-fader.After adjusting the preamp gain on a couple of channels that were too hot I was fine. What is abundantly clear though is that the uTrack24 really HATES any signal above 0dB with horrendous digital clipping, so gotta give myself 6-9dB or cushion.
So yeah, the modified TRS works great, and this recording system is going to be awesome. Now we need to play tight as a band…