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Marc Trainor

You’re right about the Onyx. It has a firewire plug for the interface and I have used that to run right into one of my laptops to record on Cubase, but my computer crashed a couple of times, so I decided to not even use the Onyx and the laptop for now at least. What I’m doing now, is using 3 eight channel interfaces that run Toslink out of each of them into the new ADAT card I just bought for the Utrack 24. I ended up having to clock everything together with BNC plugs and my Black Lion clock, but now it all works well and I can pick and choose which channels on which interfaces I want to use to mike the different instruments on stage. So far so good and I also have another Utrack that I can use for either a backup or to add on to the channel count by syncing it together with the other one. Marc.