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Marc Trainor

I used to use the inserts on my 1640i Mackie Onyx. I didn’t want to hassle with the half plug in situation on the inserts, so I bought some short adaptor cords from Hosa, I think at B&H Photo. They have the tip to ring connection already so you just plug them into each insert, all the way in. The other end of the adaptor cord is a female quarter inch that uses either a TS or a TRS male plug from your snake. The other end of your snake of course is D-sub conector for the U-track The only thing I’m not sure about is if you can plug either a TS or a TRS quarter inch plug out of the adaptor cord. I think you could use either jack for that. I don’t know about your direct outs, whether they’re TS or TRS, but I have a unit by ART called a T8 that has 8 channels. It’s a transformer isolator, but the beauty of it is you have XLR plugs in and out on one side and Phone and RCA plugs both in and out on the other side. Aside from being a great hum eliminator, you could run an unbalanced phone plug in to one side and it comes out balanced on the XLR output side. Great unit, not too expensive, but of course their may be a cheaper way for you to deal with your issue. If your direct outs are TRS, then just buy a snake with D-subs on one end for the U-track and TRS plugs on the other end for your direct outs. I hope that helps and wasn’t too confusing. Marc