I have Win 10. And I encounter the same problem.
During install when I’m asked to turn the LP16 on Installer can’t find LP-16 + a small note appears down in the right hand corner that Win cannot recognize the device.
Checking my win update there’s no updates missing. Installing the signature SHA-256 hotfix ( as mentioned in another thread) = my win says just plainly it’s not possible to install the hotfix.
I did not have any drive in the LP-16

I did manage to update firmware 83934 with win7 laptop. (thought maybe that would help)
On my win 7 laptop driver install worked. Running as administrator I got the possibility to skip the digital signature and go ahead. Something like that, can’t remember the exact words. Not hasslefree but it worked in the end.

Tried to install driver again on my Win 10 machine but still the same problem.

Any ideas or magical trix ?

Best regards