Not really.
You can have the content (playlist and/or Multitrack/Stereo content) on the USB drive (the content must be created with uTool content editor) then you need to connect the USB drive to the uTrack24 (player/recorder). You can connect the uRemote remote app (android, ios using wifi or osx, windows using wifi or wired network connection) and you can playback the content from the drive on the uTrack24 multi channel analog or digital outputs.

But I think i misunderstood your previous question, I thought you want to remote control the LP-16 from your iPad.
But there’s some kind of solution what you can do directly from iPad, please take a look for the user manual 15.4 section, this can work with Auria app, but in this case the LP-16 working as an analog I/O interface, and you cannot benefit the reliable playback function from USB drive, the content must be on your iPad https://cymaticaudio.com/images/downloads/manuals_and_brochures/LP16_ProductManual_EN.pdf