Hi Lazlo,
thank you for your fast response. We want to start playing the first part of the song from the beginning. In the middle of the song there is a freestyle part (free solo, working with the audience etc. ) after some time the song should continue normal. During the freestyle part the click track should loop. Additionally it is preferable do this by using the footswitch only, since the utrack should remain in a siderack somewhere offstage. With your solution, we can only play the part in between the markers or am I missing something. If I understand the manual correctly we could set in and out markers during playback and loop one part of the song (first push -> define “in” marker, second push -> define “out” marker, third push -> remove markers and continue as normal). This is almost the solution we want, but the markers should be predefined and stored with the audio. So there is only one push needed for leaving the loop in time.