Hi Laszlo,
thank you for your support.

You also need to know the loop function will loop all the song not just several tracks like the clicktrack.

Of course this will be fine.

In your case you need to have a marker at the beginning of the song and one in the “middle”
With this until the loop exist it will loop the part between the markers and when you remove the loop the playback will continue (no matter where was the marker) and plays out the whole song.

This is what I don’t get and assume there is a feature missing. The first part of the song is e.g. an intro where we want additional backing tracks than chorus and after the chorus, our singer introduces the band (at this time only clicktrack, one bar in loop, all other tracks contain silence), after some time we continue to play the song. I want to place the “in” marker after the chorus and the “out” marker one bar later. Since I only can setup the loop during pause state, I have to stop the song and define the loop. If the loop is at the beginning of the Song, your solution seems to work, but this is not what I’m looking for.

That’s true you cannot do that with footswitch but you can use uRemote to remote control the device, so the uTrack24 can be anywhere.

The footswitch control would be a really nice or a Midi Control option. But if it is only possible with uRemote, this is no showstoper. Perhaps a bluetooth pedal control for the uRemote is easy to implement. Moving the tiny markers out of the bar is not really a good solution during playing the guitar.