Hi CallMeBugs and Laszlo,

I have made some progress with LP-16 and DMX Lighting..
I got myself 2nd hand MIDI to DMX converted Decabox (response-box.com/gear/decabox-midi-to-dmx-bridge/)
Its early days but it seems to work ok. It converts midi on/off notes as well as CC notes. Midi notes correspond to DMX Channels where velocity is multiplied by 2 and send as DMX value. Each CC also corresponds to DMX channels (although only first 118 I think)

For Purpose of testing/learning lights, I have also mapped Midi controller (Graphite 49) sliders and knobs so I’m able to operate all functions of my DMX fixtures. It’s handy for blending colors and basic lights operation but I guess not very useful for real time programming purpose. Technically I’m also able to “play lights on keyboards”, but due to lights DMX functions/channel allocations, its little bit tricky..

Most of my first “programming” attempts where done within DAW itself.. I’ve added new MIDI track purely for lighting. I use Audio Interface with midi out connected to decabox which goes directly to 1st light.. rest of lights in dmx chain (each with different address ) to check my progress.. ps its mental and my eyes hurts badly ;P

Once whole song is completed I export this track to midi file and load it into LP-16. (which at this stage is connected /midi out to decabox).

Like I said its early days but it seems to work ..

I’m not sure yet how to leave some of lights on, after song’s end. They all go off/ into blackout , I believe LP-16 sends midi off messages at the end of midi file? Is this correct Laszlo?
I’ve tried Midi CC but no luck yet..
It would be nice to have some light on stage between songs. We try to keep gaps to minimum, but each track is started by our drummer to allow us bit more control.

Anyway I need to spend more time testing this setup and will report back.

Ohh I have also looked at some software for light shows designs/simulations, but good ones are very expensive and usually need USB type converter. Don’t think decabox/LP-16 setup will work with them.. I reckon it would be long painful process of programming whole set while being blinded by stage lights same time… lol