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[quote=”Laszlo” post=1670]Hi Egoless,

Sorry to hear this problem.
What is your os version? What is the firmware version on your LP-16?
Do you have a same issue with other DAW’s as well? (eg Reaper)[/quote]

I’m not using other DAWs

Can’t update firmware. I managed to get the device recognised by the firmware updater…
But I still can’t update, the message is : Download ready.ERROR: ArchDl_GetDfuDeviceProperties failed. Error Code: 0xE00002C5

Seems like I only manage to get it recognised when it says on the device “Please connect PC of USB storage device” and I suspect that is the reason why it’s not uploading the firmware… But when it’s properly connected ” USB INTERFACE MODE ” then it’s not recognised… :/