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Hi Aaron,

Thank you for your feedback.
“When I select my uTrack-X32 device from the drop down menu, the software occasionally gives me sync error messages saying the recording device is not in sync. This happens 2-3 times entering the software.”
The uTrack-X32 all the time using the sample rate which providied by the console. If the sample rate on the console 48kHz, and you try to play back 44.1kHz songs you’ll have this message. You can change the sample rate of the song in the uTool.

“When I select the Home button, I am missing Meters and Mixer so when recording and playing back I cannot see what is going in or out.”
The meter and mixer pages not available for uTrack-X32 because there’s a hw limitation on the console. You can check the levels on the console, and you can also do a mixing on the console.

“I also don’t seem to be able to select anything other than 32 channel recording. I actually want to record 16 channels, and assign the card outputs to the 17-32 channels of the desk for playback.”
The uTrack-X32 does support only 32channels recording because it designed for able to use without uRemote. For this reason not allowed to select less channel count because the device itself have no display and UI, without the uRemote, you don’t receive any feedback if you changed the channel count previously.