Exporting the correct MIDI files can indeed be a pain, but that is more related to the DAW you are using than uTRack or LP.
I share the same experience as fko56, getting the export settings of your DAW right for the perfect MIDI file can be a beast and is VERY much depending on the software you are using.
So a simple step by step would definitely not be a solution to all.

What I found helpful in general (as a Sonar user, but this will be similar to many other DAW), take a good look in your list editors of the midi tracks. These will at least show you what data really is happening at that track.
In addition, I never relay on the ‘overall’ track settings or patch changes and add all patch changes and several controllers manually in list editor.
That way you can determine EXACTLY when things will happen.
For instance I noticed on both Cubase and Sonar, that both will send a lot of rubbish at the beginning of a MIDIfile if you are not careful.

I am on the road now, but I will try to make a SONAR description in a few weeks.