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Thanks for your response. The reason I mentioned about the time it took is that when I go into the Forum to read other quotes and responses that after a week or 2 goes by and the date that the person sent the message still says a few hours ago. But, I do appreciate the help on this as I have looked everywhere about doing this kind of programing and everyone was just vague about the subject or talked around it. I know your products are still pretty new and I haven’t seen many You Tube tutorials or information on it. I’m really hoping to get this up and running in full strength soon and I would love to be the 1st to demonstrate it on You Tube about both the LP-16 and the U24 Multi Track Player. I figure that I will just go with the Reason DAW software to program both the Multi Tracks and the MIDI files for controlling the other external effects unit and mixer.

Thanks again,