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Hi Sven,

Are you sure about the name of the mixerpanel.exe ? i searched on my whole system disk C: without finding it.
in the same folder where i have the uTrack24MixerLauncher.exe (C:Program Filescymatic audiouTRACK24) the only other .exe i have are the following : arch_usb_stats.exe, ArchUsbFwUpgrade_x64.exe, uninstall.exe and uTrack24MixerLauncher.exe

the ar_usb_stats.exe is working, also the FwUpgrade.exe i used at the beginning after installing the device, but i can’t find the mixerpanel.exe (or utrack24mixerpanel.exe) i only have the launcher !
all the exe and the folder came from the package CymaticAudio_uTRACK24_V6_17_0.exe i found in the uTrack24_Win_Package_FW2136_DR6.17_PE2.1_WT1.0 archive i got on cymatic web site.

And, well, may be something is going on with a bad install somewhere, but i resintalled the .NET framework and the cymatic package, and in both case, it said that the install was successful !

So, without any execution log of the mixerlauncher.exe i don’t know where to search for a problem or a meaningful error code that would give me a clue to find a solution to this issue…