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I’m taking back all my previous screams of pain 😉 But I’ve finally managed to get my LP-16 work again!

So this is probably my last message. I decided not to delete/edit the previous messages even when I got everything sorted out, so that the other people might read it in case they might have the same problems.

So I’ve narrowed my search for a culprit to a footswitch that’s already connected before power-on! What a nightmare! :ohmy:
Once I disconnect a footswitch the endless loop “USB reading- USB test passed – MT screen” suddenly stops.
Whenever I start LP-16 with a footswitch connected the whole situation repeats again :ohmy:

And to make it even more mysterious – this strange behaviour is caused by Yamaha FC-5 momentary footswitch.
If I plug-in a normal guitar cable everything works fine, no loop is going on. So I measured the pedal and it’s actually “normally closed”.
I forgot about this fact a long time ago. (If I connect tip and sleeve on a connected guitar cable and power on LP-16, the same “loop” thing happens – obviously)
I tried to set the footswitch pedal mode to “normally closed” but it didn’t help with the problem 🙁
The cause for this strange behaviour is definitely shorted tip and sleeve terminals on footswitch jack / connector during unit’s power-up !

I hope you’ll be able to solve this problem and offer firmware upgrade very soon. It’s very uncomfortable to remove a footswitch before power-on.
Not that I can imagine how we’ll do it as our band’s LP-16 is built in a case with a limited acces to front connectors (as we dont need them so often and we had to save some space). Of course it’s possible to use a “normally” open footswitch and it’s gonna be OK (and we’ll have to do it this way in our case) but for the future problem free operation of LP-16 this should really be remedied.

As far as the playlist issue is concerned – in my opinion Cymatic Audio should let the users know about the playlist problem in the first place. Not only in the forum but on the main web page.
It’s only a coincidence that I’ve come across the playlist problem topic on the very same day Steven Cowley posted it (although I had been fighting it for several weeks already). I’ve been blaming myself for not knowing how to work properly with Playlist Editor… (which in fact I didn’t know at first :-)) But after trying every possible combination (right to the point where I thought that maybe the playlist and WAVs necessarily need to be exported directly to USB flash, not copied in system) I found that I was not the only one in the world to have the same problem. I wonder if Steven and I were the only two persons to complain about it since I think that the playlist functionality is the essential feature that people would be buying LP-16 for!
Then there’s the V-83859 firmware problem with the footswitch pedal that needs to be addressed and solved as soon as possible. I wonder if anybody else can replicate this behaviour.

I’m sorry for writing so many serious and sometimes contradictory messages in such a short time but believe me I’ve had a couple of very nerve-racking hours here… Going from almost 100% functional – to totally unusable – to almost 100% working LP-16 again in just a few hours is just insane 👿
(I badly need a shot of my home-made ginger liquor to release the tension 😛 )