Hi Qha,

Thank you for your feedback.
Those songs are located in subfolder inside of the Recording folder?
Can you please create a playlist with one single song, where the playback not possible and send me the content form your drive to me?
(this is what I need: The song folder inside of the Recording folder with the wav files and .set file; the .play file inside of the #PLAYLISTS folder)
Please send me those files using dropbox etc. to support_at_cymaticaudio_dot_com email address.

Regarding to the update problem this error message means “USB device is already opened”
Please make sure the LP-16 not selected as default interface in your Audio Midi settings panel.
Also make sure there’s no other audio related application running on your MAC during the firmware update.
Please try the following thing:
1.Connect the LP-16 to your computer.
2.Turn it off then reboot your computer, but leave the LP-16 connected (turned off)
3.After the reboot process, start the firmware updater, when the application running please turn on the LP-16.
If still not success, remove the LP-16 but leave turned on, exit from the firmware updater then start it again and connect the LP-16 in turned on state.
I looking forward for your feedback