[quote=”Qha” post=1730]Hi, I bought a LP-16 to be used as a backup HD in my band, seemed like an elegant solution, however there have been multiple critical issues:

1) I could get a usb 2.0 flash drive to playback with LP-16, however transferring files to the drive was so slow, I couldn’t imagine me waiting for full day to update our files whenever I made a change..

2) So I got a usb 3.0 flash drive (Lexar), which is plenty fast with 150MB/s read and 60MB/s write. I formatted it with LP-16. Transferring files using Utool was faster, but still quite slow, about tenth of the top speed the drive could handle. It could be the audio processing, but I don’t understand why Utool would take so much time processing the audio, when it isn’t resampling it. When I tried playback with this drive, it couldn’t play. LP-16 can see the files, but playback fails. Is LP-16 unable to playback from USB 3.0 drives? Hard drive isn’t an option for me since there’s shaking on stage.

3) I couldn’t get the firmware to update for a long time. The firmware installer just freezed when I plugged the LP-16 in. Somehow I got it to work, don’t remember how.

One minor thing:
4) Some of the names of my files are quite long and Utool has problems displaying them. For example “Name_of_the_Song VERSION_WITH_LONG_INTRO_GUITARS” shortens to “Name_of_the_Song” in some places and “Name_of_the_Song VERSION_WITH…” in some places. The latter is much better, but the endings of the names are super important so there should be a way to view them in full. A tooltip could be an elegant solution. Full screen helps a bit.

EDIT: using Yosemite on a mac and newest Utool/firmware.[/quote]