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Hi Dave,
Not sure what you mean with ‘bouncing’.
In the old days (and original sense), Bouncing would mean that different channels where mixed together in 1 or 2 tracks in order to free up tracks on the multitrack or to create stemms. This was (and actually still is) a destructive process as you cannot ‘unmix’ such a bounced track anymore.

The uTrack does NOT bounce its tracks in that original sense.
As i see it, it takes the 24 independent audio inputs and writes it to disk as a 24ch .wav.
This is fully within the specifications of the .wave format, that specifies that a .wav can contain 1, 2 or many more channels (in this case 24).
So all the individual channels remain INTACT, they are simply just bundled in 1 file.
several DAW’s are already capable of un-bundeling such a .wav file by themselves and create individual tracks for each of the channels.
But as not all have this capability, for those applications that can only read mono or stereo .wav files, the previous WavTool software and now uTool basically does this process for you, leaving you with a folder that contains 24 mono files, ready to drop into your PT orother DAW.

Have done this process many times now in each direction, and though I am not sure though if the increase in copying speed that Cymatic claims for the WAVTool is entirely correct, but for me it works fast and pretty well in either direction.
Hope that makes sense?