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With LP-16 there’s a known issue, when the user try to use different lenght of files in the multitrack song, the LP-16 stops when the shortest file end.
We already working on to fix this issue.

With the uTrack24 you can use different length of files in the same multitrack song. The uTool extend the shortest file(s) with silence at the end, and the uTrack24 should play the song until the longest file end.
But if you import that multitrack song (what you exported with uTool and contains different file length) you will see the files lenght will be same on all channels, because the uTool inserted silent to the end of the short files end. That’s needed because the uTrack24 using multichannel wave file for playback and recording and in this case not possible to have different length in the same multichannel wave file.

If your uTrack24/uTool not able to playback different length of files please send us these files to the support@cymaticaudio.com email address (with dropbox or wetransfer etc)