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Hi Laszlo, finally I have finisced to upload all the files in the multitrack folder (included playlist…”Pisolo” is the name) of my hard disk.
I hope you will find the issue and fix it!
As I told you in the previous messages when I play the songs from the playlist sometimes in the middle of the song (or about the end of it) the utrack send the program change of the next song in the playlist!
This is a big issue for me becouse I use program chenge for mixer cues (ch 1) and roland TD30 Patches (ch 2) and you can imagine how this is a problem during a live show!
In the future I would use midi to control light shows (a lights sequence for each song) and to change guitars FX Patches but this issue should be fixed before…
Many thanks
PS I send you an e-mail with all the dropbox link