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[quote=”tamoore” post=3766]I assume that if I match the output from my DAW with the input settings of Utool (sample rate and resolution), no conversions are made to the .wav files?[/quote]
If the song sample rate set to the same sample rate like the source file there’s no conversion.

[quote=”tamoore” post=3766]If this is true, could an updated track file be moved to the drive with the correct name without needed to go through the utool program? Is there any downside to this?[/quote]
Yes that’s right. If the track manually named properly shouldn’t be a problem if you replace the file. Downside: wrong naming or wrong sample rate etc can make the song not working properly.

[quote=”tamoore” post=3766]
Is the import simply a way to bring the audio files from a USB device back to your computer to perform future editing in a DAW?
Does this do anything to the files rather than copy them?[/quote]
If you create the songs with uTool you should have the source files on your computer, then if you make any edit on the source file you can replace easily and re-export to the USB drive. But yes in the LP-16 the uTool basically just name the files properly and copy to the USB drive (if the sample rate and bit depth are the same)

[quote=”tamoore” post=3766]
What are the best ways to avoid problems with midi syncing to the audio track? There won’t be any midi instrument data in these sequences. Only bank, patch and controller changes. on 3 or 4 different midi channels. I assume if I output a midi file with the same tempo and length as my wave files everything will sync up just fine. Any experiences here?[/quote]
In this case the uTool can be helpful. If the midi song shorter than the audio shouldn’t be a problem but if the midi longer than the audio the midi will not played out properly. If you create the song in uTool it will extend the audio file to the midi file length. (but you can do that manually as well by adding empty audio at the end of one of the wav files.

[quote=”tamoore” post=3766]
I assume that I’ll be making many edits to my midi files once my audio files are all set and ready to go. Are there any issues with just replacing the midi file on the usb drive manually with a file of the same name in the correct directory, or does it have to go through utool?[/quote]
See above. So if you name it properly shouldn’t be a problem to replace the file