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Damon Whittemore

Hi Lazlo,

I am using the exaxt same drives and thumbdrives that are working fine with my other two LR-16s. I always format my drives in the LR-16 before use. I am a professional 🙂

I have had ZERO issues with the original firmware. I have two machines with it and use them professionally all the time. I have recorded to each HUNDREDS of times without a crash or lockup. First recording with the new firmware and all I get are crashes and lockups EVERY time, with multiple good drives and cables.

So, before I thrown this LR16 in the trash, can we please try to do what I have been asking: let me try an earlier firmware. By Version 1 firmware I mean firmware from before this press release:

“For its part, the new firmware of the Live Recorder LR-16 provides it with an almost completely new audio engine. The latter is based on the one of its bigger sibling, the uTrack 24, and makes the LR-16 compatible with many more USB memory drives. Plus, it als improves substantially the use with very large memory drives.”

This whole new audio engineer and new drive features sounds like a likely culprit to me. It’s either that or mechanical or electrical failure in the USB connection.

Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me the final version of the firmware from BEFORE you totally rewrote the audio engine?????