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Axel Luedecke

My mistake. I thought in MultiTrack Mode I can control the individual channels via uRemote – which didn’t work and so I was thinking that the uTrack24 is running therfore in Stereo Mode where you can’t control individual channels. But I learned that control via uRemote is only possible to the MONITOR OUT. That does work nicely.
Summary: 2 options to control the tracks:
1. running MultiTrack Mode puts all individual channels onto individual Outs (via 25Pin Sub-D connector) feeding the Mixing desk (FOH) who then can control from there Volume, Panning, Solo etc. OR
2. using the Monitor Outs (all channels on a single pair (2) of channels) where you now can control Volume, Panning, Solo, Mutes etc via uRemote (on PC/Mac or iPad).

Thanks for your support