Van der Jonckheyd


Thanx for your reply,

No, i didn’t use Utool.
– first i created a new https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pIITCRsCj4&sns=em on my desktop.
– next i bounced 5 monowav’s into this folder and named them 01_click etc…….
– next i formatted the usb drive on the lp 16 and copyd the folder including the 5 monowav’s into the usb drive under ” recording/playlist “.
– next i insert the usb drive into the lp 16 again. It completes usb test and than displayes ” no songs found!
I tried this with several usb drives. Nothing works. I want to use the lp 16 as a stand alone machine.
I did every step exactly as explaned in the link below.

Can annyone help me out here?

Again thanx in advence.
Best regards,