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Hi Tom.

For me it is also not a option to use a laptop on tour. I had just bought the uTrack to be no longer with my laptop and Reaper software on the road. Then I better replace the card for the cards back to the original X-USB cards. I don’t have the time to test the option of Laszlo, but go try it at home, because Saturday I have major connection problems with uRemote

I have two uTrack cards, 1 in my x32 compact and 1 in a x32 rack. This Saturday I went for recording with my Rack. I also used my ipad for uRemote but also for the 32- mix app, the mixing went fine. But uRemote was a real problem, many times the connection has been lost. this is only to solve by close uRemote completelyt (shut down), and restart it again. However, at the end of the show (time 1.13) again stopped the conection, whatever I tried it did not connect with my uTrack again while I mixing also on that moment with x32-mix.soo the conection is oké. The only way to stop the recording was by diving behind my rack, and press the record button to stop recording …. sigh 🙁

Especially now Uli Behringer has announced to enter the market with a recorder card of them one, I hope cymatic quickly give use a new (card) update, including solve the connection problems, but also I would like to have the same opportunity as uTrack 24 as the LED volume bars. in uRemote But also uTool version 2.0 with its slow import and export function compare with V1.x

Laszlo can you give us a time indication of when we can expect the new updates ???
Otherwise, I consider to sell my two cards, and I wait for the Behringer card

Ps. the text is translated by Google translation

Greetings Peter Visscher
Sorry for my bad English but I come from Holland