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Gabriel A Pass

I just wanted to note that I am using a setup that seems to minimize connectivity issues. I have virtually none. This may work because it creates a smaller, more protected network. Also, Just a note to the Cymatic people. I wonder if using static IPs would solve network connectivity issues entirely? With a setup like mine there is no point of using dynamic IPs and static is needed for X32/M32 control anyway.

The Setup. I have passed this tip off to a number of colleagues and sold systems to clients based on this network combo. It’s been a success every time and often a game changer for simplicity & reliability.

  • Netgear Trek N300 (Model PR2000) – A unique router that creates a fire-walled sub-net with isolated DHCP (Allows wired or wireless network access in any venue, but creates your own internal network with static IPs for all of your equipment.)
  • Netgear ProSafe wired Switch (FS105 or FS108) – full duplex wired network switch, for connecting multiple wired devices.

Small enough to fit in my sound board case & a winning combination for those of us who need static IPs for equipment when on the road, but don’t want to sacrifice network connectivity.