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Gabriel A Pass

Good question. As you pointed out DHCP reservations are a “fairly standard feature” so that is helpful, but not the point of using a device like the N300.

The point is what I stated about the ability to create “a fire-walled sub-net with isolated DHCP”.
If you want the details… a device like this is of immeasurable value to people in our circumstance for the following reasons:

  1. It allows you to have a different subnet from the venue who’s LAN or WiFi you are connected to.
  2. You can add your own DHCP server to anyone’s network without breaking it.
  • Normally, if you add a second DHCP server to a network it would cause havoc by handing out redundant and invalid IP addresses.
  1. Having our own DHCP server allows you to keep the same IP addresses wherever you go.
  • Otherwise, address ranges will constantly change from schemes like 192.168.0.___ to 10.50.0.___, etc.
  • Even if address schemes don’t change, pre-existing devices on those networks will take you preferred IP’s, forcing your devices to move to new ones. Some audio equipment (like a Behringer x32) will require you to assign IP’s manually. Others (like the uTrack) require that to go searching for them from among potentially thousands of devices on you’re venue’s network.
  • Without this all of your devices will usually be re-configured any time you move to a different venue.
  1. Now all remote controls for any devices, will need to be set up only once and will always work as soon as you switch them on.
  • Your cell phone, iPad, or laptop will be able to remote control the X32, the uTrack, and anything else you brought along.
  1. Your devices will all automatically connect to the N300 because it is already a saved network.
  2. Even if you’re venue has no internet. (i.e. your standing in the middle of a field with nothing but a stage, PA, and generator.) You still have device control, because you brought your own fully independent network with you.
  3. If you do have wifi, you can connect to it via the N300, just bookmark the config page on your phone, laptop, etc. and enter the venue’s wifi password once. All your other devices will now have internet access.

So, That was the long answer…

The short answer is:
You go to a venue and turn your equipment on. Everything’s connected, it’s that simple.
Want internet access enter the WiFi password into the N300 config page. Now all your devices have internet too.