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Hi Ozone67,

It looks like you stumbled upon multiple problems at the same time.

Before releasing the uTool2, the software was tested on multiple MAC’s with version 10.8 and above and multiple PC’s with Windows 7 and above.

It is possible that on some platforms there could be problems. It is very important for us to understand this and try and solve this for you and for future costumers using our products. Could you tell me the version of your OS and the configuration of your computer.

In the meantime as work around, here is what you can do:
1. Use uTool version 1. It does not have all the features of uTool2 but maybe it resolves your problem.
2. There is an option to export the content to a directory. Left of the drop down menu where you choose the drive for exporting, you have an icon to choose a directory. You can export to the directory and copy paste the same into a drive (if that works).

Sorry again for all the problems you faced. Hope we will be able to resolve everything for you at the earliest.