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Hi Alex,

Cymatic Audio does not recommend the use of Thumb drives or solid-state drives (SSD) for Direct-to-USB recording of multi-track songs.

Thumb drives (also known as flash drives) offer very high peak read/write speeds, but are subject to occasional pauses in data writing. This makes them unsuitable for a multi-track recording device that needs to constantly write a data stream to the attached drive . Although with thumb drives, the recording may look fine for some time, there is no guarantee that dropouts may not occur later.

Please use a traditional “spinning platter” USB2.0 or USB3.0 hard drive for all your recordings.

We have tested the devices with hard drives available in the market from Toshiba, Seagate, WD, Lacie and many other brands. The Western Digital drives we have tested are 1TB and more.

Drive manufactures make unannounced changes to their drives’ chipsets due to cost, and this makes endorsing any specific model very difficult.

HDD can suffer performance due to vibration. If this is the case, Make sure that you place a soft cloth underneath the drive.

I am sorry for the problems you have been facing and it is unfortunate that none of the drives has worked for you yet. I would suggest 2 things.

1. Do not use thumb drives/SSD for recording
2. Buy a high performance hard drive (7200rpm, high I/O speed etc).