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Roman Stundl

I have a X32 Core which has no XLR OUT.
Also, XLR OUT on a core cannot be configured (as there is nothing to configure, just like greyed out – see screnshot attached).
That is why I route the buses to AES50-A OUT 1-5, which works.
Routing / OUTPUT 1-16 is set to what I described in my post above (screenshot below was done before adjustment to record 2 channels for FX1 instead of MixBus).

Routing / XLR OUT on all other X32 models configures the _local_ XLR outputs on the mixer (have another X32 FullSize Mixer to compare with).

Also, I must add, that some very short recordings I did for testing only, have audio on these monitor tracks.
All other recordings do not. I did not change routing, just powering on and off the X32, and recording was done on different days.
Can any setting done on the MixBuses interfere for recording?