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If the uTrack display that error message it most likely the settings file is damaged.
Please do a following:
Make sure you have uTool 2.0.055 installed on your computer.
Import your recording(s) from the drive to the computer using uTool.
Make sure the uTrack24 updated to 3474 firmware release.
Please re-export the content on freshly formatted drive (with uTrack24) and check the issue again.

What type brand of this USB drive?

Where you create a song the source as well the output file can be 16/24 bit; 44.1; 48; 88.2; 96kHz

” I’ve just done a 10 track recording. I’ve tried to playback the recording and I’m seeing the following message:”
Could you please try with other HDD? Do you have a same issue? How long is that USB cable? please use the shortest as possible.