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ok then. I think the actual version of uTool behaves buggy with OS X 10.6 in a way that it is practically not working.
after thinking about the polywav-format, I did remember another software tool, because I do not own protools, which could (possibly) deal with 32 tracks into polywav. the software is called “Wave-Agent” by SoundDevices. it is free! and since an update this year, it can handle 32tracks (only 16 before) due to their hardware recorders partly changed in that way too. and it works. I can now convert the files fast and safely ! example: a 1,5 hour recording took 9 hours with uTool2 and left my with an empty folder and a big disappointment. wave-agent did it within 30minutes. now I still need to “glue” the recordings together, which should work in Logic.