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[quote=”gapmedia” post=2323]I have been having the exact same problem on Windows. What I have found is that when I import a “Take”, frequently the program will import all the wave files, but nothing would appear in the Take Folder in “AudioLib” would be completely empty when it finished.

I watched the folder the next time, since it looked like it was working. I found that the program was creating the files and then deleting them after I clicked OK on the confirmation screen that the import had succeeded. I could get the files, from the import if I copied them to another directory before pressing OK.

What’s going on with that?[/quote]

Does this happens with the stable or with the beta version?
Do you have checked the checkbox “import to project library”? in this case it should appear in your projects at the home tab. Please notice the uTool will import those files to subfolder. The subfolder has a name what you describe on the import tab “session” filed.

We already noticed many of you guys has problem with the uTool2 the new version is coming really soon which should solve all of those difficulties and performance issues