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Gabriel A Pass

I have the latest version of the uTool on your website. Version 2.0.34 (Aug, 2016)

I’m having great success with the uTrack-X32, but the uTool seems extremely buggy and rather poorly conceived.

To begin with, it seems odd that the “Import” feature is buried on the 3rd tab of the GUI. Isn’t importing recordings the whole point? Yes the uTrack can play back, but that’s not why anyone is purchasing it.

Then when the uTool starts up, it gives a warning every time that states “Project Library Upgraded”. I have to check the “I understand button and press OK”. Even if I did it before, it has to do a “Project Library Upgrade” every time it starts. The funny thing is that this is the only version of uTool I have ever had, so there wasn’t ever a project library to upgrade.

Finally, this disappearing file problem… I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or not, but I did read and follow the instructions. I have had the problem on multiple computers, and with different sessions. It happens frequently but not always, and with multiple “Takes”, only the last disappears.

I know it is a lot of work to release a new product like this. Overall, I think you are doing a good job. You are communicative and very helpful in your support forums.

The only real problem I have now is the uTool. I really hope you are able to improve the program soon. So many of your products depend on it, and I feel like it’s really the weakest link. You could just depend on a 3rd party program, but then you should do that officially. If your own official method of importing audio doesn’t work reliable, I think it seems rather sketchy to perspective buyers.