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Marc Trainor

This is just an update to the ADAT problem post above. I was getting clear audio out of the Utrack using the 3 interfaces plugged into the RME and then out to the Adat card, but I kept getting this bad clicking sound again. After pulling my hair out for a few days, I actually prayed again, and honest to God, I kept seeing a clock setup using daisy chain BNC cables running through all the units. Well, I started by running BNC word clock out of the 18i20, into my Clarette, out of the clarette, into my Audient and terminating the Audient with a 75 ohm termination plug or actually using a built in button to do that on the Audient. Well…………., thank God it worked, but before that I tried splitting the signal just before the Audient and running the other tap up to the Utrack. At that point the Audient wouldn’t lock, so I cut out the t-bar just before the Audient and just ended the chain with the Audient, leaving the Utrack 24 out of the loop. At that point everything locked sync and worked, but……………………., but,….. [i]and now here’s the rest of the story[/i]!! It all worked, but I had so much trouble with the routing software that came with the RME ADAT distribution box, I just pulled the RME box out of the setup and ran Adat out of each interface into the ADAT card on the Utrack. At that point I used the 18i20 as the master clock, and set it that way, then set the other two interfaces to wordclock or “slave” if you will. I set the Utrack to ADAT I/O I believe and used one of the other interfaces for my source ADT. It all works now, and I’m able to send each channel to it’s respective Utrack input, with a clear signal.

If any one has any questions, especially with the Utrack setup, I’ll try and be prudent about answering them. For some reason, using the BNC clock setup was the only way I could stop the insane clicking sound. If anyone has an easier or different way to do it, let me know, so we could all see how to do it. Thank you for your time everyone. I hope this long post can help someone. Marc.