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Hey Marc,

If you are using different interfaces you need to make sure they are sync to the same clock.
Using the wordclock is the easiest way to do that. You need to select which one is the master device and sync the other devices to this source.
If you want to receive with the uTrack24 you need to make sure the device has pre-recording enabled and the pre-recording successfully started. If all of your ADAT devices synchronized to each other in this case you can even sync to one of the ADAT source or you can sync to wordclock.
The uTrack24 also has a wordclock output which provide the clock where the uTrack24 sync. If you set internal the uTrack24 acts as a master then provide this internal clock on the wordclock output then you can sync your ADAT devices to this.
If you sync the uTrack to wordclock it provide the same clock on the wordclock output, or you can also sync to any of the ADAT clock then you can sync the rest of the ADAT devices to the wordclock output from the uTrack24