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Marc Trainor

Thank you again, as always, Laszlo. You’re very prompt on these responses. I know that means a lot to all of us who are trying to get things right with our equipment. I totally understand where there only can be one master clock, and everything else has to be a slave to it whether it is in a daisy chain or some other configuration or combination of that, but somehow, it still get’s hazy to me when it comes to the ADAT part of it. Right now I’m clocking my three 8 channel interfaces together with word clock using the Focusrite 18i20 as my master. For some reason I wasn’t able to carry the word clock signal thru to the Utrack 24 without losing sync on my last interface in the daisy chain which would be my Audient. I’m still able though to record and use all 3 interfaces clearly and they seem to be in sync with the Utrack. I do however have the ADAT card on the Utrack which I’m running all 3 interfaces into that with toslink. I also have the I/O on the Utrack set to digital I/O. and I’m syncing to the 3rd interface on my Utrack with the ADAT part of the Utrack. I’m probably not saying that too well but what I’m getting at is even though I think I set everything right using only the ADAT card and setting things to sync from ADAT 3, I still had to hook up the word clock daisy chain in order not to have noise on my recordings, like a bad clicking sound. Marc.